Ready to Make a Splash?

Cultivating behavior

Jennie has been called the Jane Goodall of behaviorists.  That means she takes a scientific approach to identifying behaviors, understanding the etiology of behaviors, setting up environments and cultures to facilitate behaviors, and then cultivating those desired behaviors.  From your casual users, die-hard fans, and to your employees, cultivating behavior can sink or swim your business.

Social Media

Chenergy believes that while information is necessary, it is not sufficient for engaging your customers.  The goal is to build your business by building relationships in the community, understanding their culture, and with cheerleaders. Learn how to use social media and online tools to meet their needs.  After all, social media isn’t about your business, it is about your customers.

Data Analysis

Jennie is a bit of a data geek; it’s one of those skills picked up in graduate school.  If you need help making sense of data or interpreting the findingsfrom a psychological approach, Chenergy is the answer to your data woes.  Jennie is trained in SPSS, SAS, LISREL, AMOS, Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM), SQL & R, and her specialty is in nested models.  Behavior analysis is her forte.

Contact me at 512-981-7627 (google voice) or to get started today.

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