Original, Enlightening, Inquisitive, Vivacious, Passionate , Energetic, Fearless, and Wired were just a few of the words that Twitterworld used to describe Jennie. Voted the 2009 Austin’s Chronicle Best of Critic’s pick for Most Diversified Portfolio and winner of the Austin American Statesman 2010 Social Media Award, Jennie is no stranger to jumping into projects headfirst. From Ignite Austin to food festivals, Jennie’s sure to be close by.  She also has the Guinness World Record for best fuel economy across the 48 contiguous states.  Jennie founded MisoHungry, a food blog; Keep Austin Dog Friendly, an educational resource for the dog community; and Austin Drive Clean, a group dedicated to promoting safe and efficient driving.  In her free time, Jennie enjoys teaching psychology, training, showing, and handling dogs; organizing Austin’s Cupcake Smackdowns, and inline skating.


As a research scientist and professor of social psychology, Jennie’s research area is relationships.  Relationships are fundamental to every aspect of a business.  From relationships with employees, vendors, clients, and customers, strong businesses are built on strong relationships.  Social media tools make it easy for people to communicate in relationships and in larger communities.  As a member of numerous online communities, Jennie believes that social interaction and relationships are fundamental in everything we do. Jennie believes that in the world of social media, business is built on relationships.  Jennie also really likes numbers.

Austin’s Chronicle 2009 Critic’s Pick Most Diversified Portfolio written by the Chronicle

What would your life look like if you could focus your energy on your favorite things and then become an expert in all of them? With a résumé that reads like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, MisoHungry Makes It With Moonshine blogger and veritable modern Renaissance woman Jennie Chen might know exactly what that feels like. MisoHungry is primarily foodie-focused, touching on topics such as cooking and baking with alcohol, specifically local craft brews, as well as restaurant reviews, food event notices, and cheerleading her own favorite delicious finds. She’s probably best known for throwing this year’s Cupcake Smackdown, pitting local purveyors of the delightful nibblies in a copious contest of crumb. But hold on to your leash! Chen is also the force behind Keep Austin Dog Friendly, an informative website listing dog-friendly restaurants, businesses, off-leash park locations, dog events, and more. Not impressed? Chen also created the Austin Drive Clean group, open to anyone “who wants to learn how to live green and drive clean.” And dig this: While Chen’s not practicing fuel-efficient driving, spending time with her pooch, or flashing her local foodie-finess, she splits her time as a DNA collector for the University of North Texas Health Science Center, through which she has worked with the Texas Attorney General and state law authorities, and as a research assistant and graduate lecturer at Texas A&M. So you have a choice: Look at what Jennie Chen has accomplished as inspiration to follow your own dreams, or sink deeper into that couch, potato, and give up now. misohungrynow.blogspot.com, austindogfriendly.blogspot.com, www.austindriveclean.com

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