#GivetoLive and Give to Locks of Love

Ever driven a car from Vancouver, Canada to Austin, TX? That’s quite a ways.  Ever think about doing that on a bike?  Meet @Spoonsie, otherwise known as Isabelle.  She’s a super awesome chick who’s going to bike from Vancouver to Austin over 9 days all in the name of raising fund for cancer research. #givetolive That’s 2650 miles on a bike.  That’s not all.  Once she gets here, she’s participating in the Livestrong Challenge in October.  That’s one cool chicka. 

Donate to her cause here.

Along the way, @Spoonsie has also put on some additional fundraisers for her campaign.  I must mention that one of the activities was selling bacon cookies.  That’s right.  I said BACON cookies.  If you haven’t donated yet, you need to do so now. Also, look for a Happy Hour event with @Spoonsie sometime in late October 2010.  If you’re lucky, we’ll also have #bacon cookies.

So what announcement do I have?  I have one that is pretty unusual for myself.  For most of my life, I’ve had long hair that I’ve maintained myself.  I think I’ve only ever had three people cut my hair besides my mother and myself.  See, here I’m cutting my own hair in Oct 2008.  It took less than a minute!

It isn’t a secret that I’ve donated my hair to Locks of Love in the past, but the announcement this time is that someone else is cutting it this time!  Joel Hamburger from WaterStone Aesthetics is going to be the featured stylist to use scissors on my long locks.  Joel has been doing hair for about seven years, the last two in Austin. He trained at one of the top salons in San Francisco, and takes classes at Vidal Sassoon and Bumble & Bumble. Joel also styles hair for fashion shows and magazines, including my own hair from last year’s Austin Fashion Week. Currently, he is putting the finishing touches on a new hair blog called HeyStylist.com.

Growing hair for Locks of Love is a long-term laborious commitment.  It has been 20 months since my last hair cut.  That’s 20 months of rarely using styling products in my hair.  I’ve only applied heat to it for styling maybe five times in the last 20 months, and I condition and protect it everyday. Before my long locks are sent to become a wig for Locks of Love, I’ll be driving donations to @Spoonsie‘s #givetolive campaign.  I’ll also be at the #BATHH on Union Park with a donation jar so bring some spare cash.  The haircut will take place at WaterStone Aesthetics on June 23rd.  Stay tuned for more info!


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