SXSW Wrap up. Thanks to @kitchenaidusa @bakespace @pn_atx @suerostvold

Here’s the wrap up the SXSW interactive along with some tidbits from various panels.

*From building Facebook games, two components have been found to make a game successful: 1. Creativity and self-expression in profiles. 2. Competition.

*From another panel called Friends, Fans, and Followers, use the power of participation and engagement to build a community. The examples used were running a contest for best recreation of OK Go’s video. That contest spawned creative entries and gave people something to talk about.

*The panel also said to go where your audience already is. Use activist groups, and community groups that are already in place and already attract your target audience. For instance, don’t try to start a community where there already is one. You’ll only be dividing your efforts and be competing for time with the other community. Instead, work with the existing community.

*You can also invite guest bloggers to reach other readers that you don’t already have. Find out where your followers are already hanging out, and hang out there too. Here’s a write up about the panel.

*I stepped into the Airing Dirty Laundry core conversation thinking it might have something to do with online ratings, but it was mostly about publicizing regretful sex acts on Most of the conversation was about the legality of posting men and photos on the site, the passive aggressiveness in posting, and whether or not there was a therapeutic component to this website. While I generally don’t frequent humor or entertainment sites, this site is very interesting from a research perspective. I’d love to track women’s behavior as a function of the menstrual cycle. Theoretically, women should be engaging in more “” acts during ovulation than during other parts of the menstrual cycle.

*Facebook: It’s complicated was a core conversation about posting relationship statuses on Facebook and the effects it has on our lives. One of the slides presented was that one out of every five divorces cited Facebook as a cause. It isn’t difficult to see that Facebook does make it easier to meet people or connect with past romantic partners, but I’m not sure that Facebook should be to blame. I found this to be a very interesting conversation, and I’m also interested in how social media can change mating strategies and relationship quality.

Overall, SXSW was a blast. I had a great time meeting cool people. A big thank you to @KitchenAidUSA for the blender I won at Cupcake Meet up. Thanks to @bakespace and @cupcakeblog for hosting the meet up. A big thank you to @suerostvold for the incredibly cute Bernese Mountain Dog greeting card. And a big thanks to @PN_ATX for having me at the Entrepreneur’s Lounge at Fogo De Chao. And big thanks to @GMTexas for the SXSW music wristband.



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  2. You’re so welcome! I hope you enjoy the blender, and we look forward to hearing what you mix up!

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