Black Friday 2009 Teaser

Team Chen, going over the strategy

I had been debating for a few days on whether or not I should post my Black Friday Shopping strategies, and I have still haven’t decided.  My sister and I are not only seasoned festival junkies, but we’re also Black Friday Football veterans.  With me as the quarter back, and her as the blocker, we can be in and out of a store in less than 7 minutes with everything we need.  Almost all of our shopping is done by 7 am, except for the clothing deals.  We’ve kept our strategies a secret within family and friends, and we’re just not ready to spill the beans yet. 

What I did decide was to post a teaser with other general Black Friday Shopping tips.  My tips are geared more towards people actually securing the in-store deals rather than online and yes, that does mean waking up or staying up until the crack of dawn.  Forget the Black Friday Secrets that retailers don’t want you to know.  My sister and I beat those dirty tricks.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to wear a helmet.–news/1


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