Judge’s Panel for Cupcake Smackdown 1.0

Here’s the list of judges for Cupcake Smackdown1.0. I will be tasting, but not judging.

Jennie Chen – MisoHungryNow.com & MakeitwithMoonshine.com – Will shake my cupcakes for frosting.

Nataya Anderson – FeteandFeast.com -The REAL Everyday Foodie

Michelle Cheng – foodieisthenewforty.com – Attorney and Cupcake at Law

Jessica Maher – Spoon & Co. – Eats cupcakes in a single bite

Peter Tsai – FoodingBlog.com – the Foodingblog photographer \ writer with a taste for fun

Lisa Lawless – Lisaiscooking.com -Red head with a palate for red velvets

Todd Duclephan – Executive Chef at Trio/Four Seasons – I could judge cupcakes in my sleep.

Chris Palomares – Chow Chow Connoisseur – Opa to cupcakes!

Paloma Efron– Paloma Custom Cakes – Cake decorating goddess. And damn fine baker, too.

Ryan Snedgar – wotonmera.com- “Ryan, Chief Arbiter of Cupcakes”

Phillip Speer – Pastry Chef at Uchi -Want some Uni on your cupcake?

Jodi Bart – Tasty Touring and KGSR – Has anyone invented a cupcake top?

Devrah Otten – winner of the tasting competition portion of That Takes The Cake(2008 and 2009) – Cupcake Mistress of the Delicious.

Kristin – Do512 – It’s not the size of the Cup it’s the shake of the Cake

Jenna Noel – Associate Publisher of Edible Austin – I drink frosting for breakfast.

Chris Speyer – Chief taster of the Speyer Ranch – Will judge for booze

Kristen Speyer – Betty Crocker in disguise – Are you looking at my cupcakes?

Marshall Wright – eatthislens.com – food writer/photographer

Darrell Joseph – BellaVerdiFarms – I grow cupcake farms.

Cecilia Nasti – KUT Growing Concerns – She eats from the garden and savors life (and would grow cupcakes if she could find some seeds).

Penny De Los Santos – Senior contributing photographer 4 Saveur Magazine. Travel & Food Photographer pennydelossantos.wordpress.com


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